3 Herbal Supplements Doctors Recommend Trying For Healthy Weight Loss

This article has been updated since its initial publish date.

While healthy weight loss cannot be acquired by supplementation alone, this can greatly impact your health journey, and make a noticeable difference in your energy levels and mood along the way! Along with a balanced diet, ample hydration, regular exercise and consistent sleep, you might find that taking specific herbal supplements can help you lose or maintain weight.

We reached out to doctors and health experts for more information, and 3 great supplement suggestions with herbal ingredients to aid your weight loss journey. Read on for insight and tips regarding ProDigest, slippery elm, and digestive enzymes from Dr. Virginia Blackwell, MDhealth, supplement and nutrition expert at Eve Mag.

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1. ProDigest

If healthy weight loss is your goal, promoting a healthy gut and digestive system is vital. With that said, ProDigest, Blackwell notes, is a “unique combination of probiotics and enzymes that work together to promote healthy digestion.” ProDigest is infused with Garcinia Cambogia, which Blackwell explains is “a tropical plant that produces hydroxy citric acid in rich quantities.” This acid, she adds, helps in “reducing weight by limiting the body’s ability to store fat,” and turning it into a “usable form of energy.” Noted!

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2. Slippery Elm

Blackwell recommends adding slippery elm to your daily menu over 50, dubbing it to be a “great all-natural laxative and anti-inflammatory.” Slippery elm, she adds, is an “excellent supplement to help relieve constipation and promote healthy digestion.” It has a high content of water-soluble fiber, Blackwell notes, that can help “regulate blood sugar levels, promote bowel regularity, and aid in weight loss by reducing appetite.” This keeps you fuller for longer, and sounds great to us!

3. Digestive Enzymes

These supplements are great not only for people over 50 who want to lose weight, but also those who might be experiencing regular bloating, chronic stomach pain and other digestive-related issues, Blackwell points out. “Taking digestive enzymes before meals can help break down food and promote better digestion and nutrient absorption,” she says. These are particularly beneficial, Blackwell notes, for those dealing with digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Candida. “Additionally, they help in weight loss by speeding up the digestion process and helping your body absorb nutrients more efficiently,” she concludes.