How to Prevent Heart Disease at any Age?

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It does not become prominent based on your ethnicity or skin color. Heart disease also referred to as cardiovascular disease involves various diseases that are generally classified under heart diseases.

Some of these cardiovascular-related diseases are coronary artery diseases that are caused by the accumulation of plaques in the heart arteries, congenital heart disease that is caused by irregularities of the heart that are present from birth, heart infections caused by microorganisms such as parasites, viruses, and bacteria, an arrhythmia is a condition that is caused due by the abnormal rhythm of the heart, atherosclerosis caused by the hardening of the arteries and cardiomyopathy a health condition that makes the heart muscles weakened or hardened. You could visit to learn more.

Each of the above diseases has particular or generalized symptoms that can be used to identify them during diagnosis. It is important that at every stage of your life, you conduct a comprehensive check of your heart to enable early treatment.

Various preventive measures can help you protect your heart from these diseases at any point in your life.

At Your 20s:

Regular Examination

Although most people believe at this stage in life they are at their prime and so do not need to conduct constant heart examination. The fact remains that the type of dietary products you eat has a role to play in your heart’s health. Seek a physician that would help you in checking your cholesterol level, heart rate, blood sugar level, blood pressure, body mass index and prescribe healthy diets for you.


The urge or attraction of peer pressure is much at this stage than at any point in life. As you might be tempted to smoke a cigarette like your friends. For the good of your heart avoid smoking at all costs and second-hand smoking as you would face the risk of cardiovascular disease as a chain smoker.

At Your 30s:

The stress and anxieties that affect many people during this stage do not allow them to examine their hearts. Some preventive step that would help you during this stage are:

Family Food

You should try as much as possible to avoid junk food; you must try crops or cook fresh nutrient-rich foods every day with your family.

Family History

As in most diseases, heart disease can also be attributed to genetic factors. It is important too, to know if there have been or if there is a member or members of your family that has suffered or is suffering from cardiovascular disease. Because genetic factors place you at a higher risk and thus you need to watch your diet, involve in exercises to burn out fats, avoid smoking and sleep healthy.

Your 40s:

Healthy Weight

As you approach your 40s your body metabolism gradually slows down and as such you need to follow a strict heart-healthy diet, to avoid weight gain and you need to engage in exercises.

Blood sugar Level

High blood sugar levels either caused genetically or by your lifestyle can lead to atherosclerosis. As the body uses fat to supplement the lack of glucose to provide energy.

At Your 50s:

Most people start experiencing the effect of old age starting from their 50s as their once beautiful skin and hair starts to wrinkle and turns gray.

Eat healthy diets

This diet should include lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, fiber-rich whole grains, seeds, and fish. Please avoid red meat, if you have a craving for meat eat white meat and take red wine as it contains restraviol that is great for the heart.

No signs of heart attack

At this stage, you need to become familiar with your body and need to seek professional advice on the various symptoms that are indicative of an impending heart attack, to help you seek quick medical care.

At Your 60s and above:

There is a higher rate of mortality at this stage than at any stage due to an increase in blood pressure, other related heart numbers, and cholesterol.

Your heart is one of the vital organs in your body therefore it is beneficial if you know its health status as well as that of every organ of your body.