If you have space at the back of your house that is lying useless and you want to use it for something productive, a very nice idea is to use it to grow food.

You can be a farmer and plant food for yourself. You do not need a lot to start a farm in your backyard, just shovels, rakes, spades, and a few other farming tools.

You will also need manure to boost the yield and you can check Collected.Reviews for suggestions on how to find trusted renewable energy companies around you.

Here are 5 tips you need to grow food in your backyard:

1.      Pick an ideal location: 

To grow food in your backyard, you have to choose a nice spot there first. There are a lot of things to be considered for choosing this spot. First, you have to choose a place with good soil composition.  Choose soil that is loose and permeable so that the parts of your plant can grow freely. Choose the right ph (should not be more than 7.0). The plant must be in a place where the sunlight can reach it so it can photosynthesize. The spot also needs to have a constant supply of water. Plants need water to survive and moisture from dew will not be sufficient so make sure that there is a constant supply of water in your backyard.

2.      Know the right time to plant: 

Plants grow best when the soil is permeable and soft, and it is best to plant when the soil is not too wet at around 600 F.A quick test to know when soil is ripe for planting is to squeeze it and see if it molds. If it dries and breaks, then it is time to plant.As a beginner, you should not try to plant too much, start small and the more you cope, the more you should add to your garden.

3.      Make use of Fertilizer and manures:

Fertilizers and manures are essential to have a very fruitful harvest, they contain nutrients to help your plants grow better and have bigger seeds that will ripe faster than plants without fertilizers. You can get them in any garden center or recycling center around. If you want, you can also use dead or decayed leaves to form manure for your plants. All you have to do is to stack these dead leaves under a tree and let nature take care of the rest.

4.      Give enough space between each plant: 

The space between plants is also important for their growth. Do not crowd the plants in one place so that light can reach the leaves of each plant and photosynthesis can take place. Also, plant similar plants say grains or fruits or seeds, and plant them in two to three weeks intervals.

5.      Constantly water your plants: 

You need to know when and how wet your plants. Water them early in the morning before sunrise and in the evening before the sunset. When you are watering the plants, pour water on the roots, not the leaves.

Growing your food in the backyard might take time but if you can wait it out, it is economic and you will have so much to eat and give to your neighbors. Also, the joy that comes when you harvest your food, it’s incomparable.