Light Exercises to Try After Surgeries

Regardless of the surgery you have just had, the recovery can always feel like a timely process, and you can often feel restless while taking things easy at home. With the consent of your surgeon or doctor, there are some exercises you might be able to perform at home to help speed up the recovery process and keep you feeling active at home. Here’s a look at some surgeries and some potential exercises to help you feel energetic.


A tummy tuck Manchester surgery can be a complicated operation to recover from and the first few weeks will sadly need to keep you doing as little physical activity as possible. It is also important to eat well and not gain weight during this significant change to your body, so with the consent of a professional, light walks, stationary bikes and leg stretches will help your body circulate blood better and increase the rate of recovery. Compression garments usually are required both day and night to help prevent any swelling and a adverse skin reaction.

Breast Surgery

Whether it’s an enlargement or breast reduction Manchester service, the mobility of the arms, back and chest needs to be kept to a minimum, however, you can stay active with the majority of leg exercises which again help with blood circulation. Naturally, jogging, cycling and any high impact workout will need to be avoided until your doctor says otherwise. Leg presses, squats and stretches are ideal for workout options, and the majority of static workouts should also help.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Your doctor will likely recommend the options you have, but most light exercises help with recovery once you’re feeling more energetic. You can do most static workouts, lifting light weights and leg workouts but it can be best to avoid outdoor and running exercise while your facial is recovering as it can lead to infections while the body is vulnerable.  

Leg Surgeries

Anything to do with your legs can make exercising much more difficult, light walks are normally recommended during the early stage however this will be different for your legs. Purchasing some light weights will help with blood circulation and help build up some adrenaline to keep you feeling active even when immobile.

Most operations need at least a few weeks to recover before it’s safe to start considering exercise but it can at times take longer. It’s also best to discuss your options during any check-up you have post-surgery.