Why and How Gloves and Masks Combat Covid-19

If you, like many Americans, are struggling with staying at home all the time, you are not alone. There are ways to go outside and stay safe from pathogens, such as Covid-19. It is best to listen to the CDC and your local government to know exactly what stage your city is in. Knowing this, you can properly prepare yourself when leaving your house. These are basic tips on how and why to use gloves and masks to keep yourself safe.


Using work safety gloves when you go out can help significantly reduce the exposure you have from Covid-19. However, you have to make sure to use them properly. Once you have touched an item, you have to assume that your gloves are now contaminated. Treat them as though they have Covid-19 germs on them. This means, do not touch your face, your hair, your child, or others with your gloves on. Doctors and nurses go through thousands of gloves per day because they get new gloves every time they are with a new patient. This is to prevent disease transmission. You must assume your gloves are contaminated and treat them as such.


Wearing a mask is important because you, without realizing it, can produce over 3,000 spit and mucus particles when you breathe and talk. If you wear a mask, these particles are blocked from going onto other people. Different people also react differently to Covid-19. There are asymptomatic and presymptomatic people. This means that these people have Covid-19, but may not have any symptoms and therefore, no way of knowing that they have Covid-19. For that reason, you should assume you are one of the asymptomatic people and wear your mask over your mouth and nose to protect the people around you.

Covid-19 is an unprecedented time in the lives of people around the world. Make sure you are doing all you can to prevent the spread of this disease.